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Union wins a toehold within Peet's Coffee

The staff of a store in Northern California has voted to be represented by the same union group that's been organizing Starbucks.


Same-day pay app Grazzy raises $4.5M

The software allows hospitality employees to instantly access digital tips rather than waiting for their employer to convert them to cash.

Restaurant operators that have tried it tout benefits but say it can be costly—and complicated.

Noting that in-store workers don’t have the privilege to work from home, Interim CEO Howard Schultz said employees need to come into the office three days a week.

Signs abound that the business is awakening to the need for dramatic action.

The industry accounted for roughly 1 of 9 jobs that were created during the month. The national unemployment rate dipped to 3.5%.

A new survey from the National Restaurant Association shows inflation putting a stronger spotlight on preserving margins.

Some proprietors say they don't want the considerable strain of having a union shop. Others say it's just a coincidence. But labor says it's nothing more than spin-doctored union busting.

Last week's omnibus spending bill requires employers to pay for mothers' time expressing breast milk on the job, and to provide increased accommodations for pregnant workers.

A state court issued a temporary restraining order, pushing back implementation until a legal challenge can be heard starting Jan. 13.

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