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Philadelphia orders restaurants to require either vaccines or masks

Places that mandate proof of inoculation from all dine-in guests and employees won't be obliged to reinstate a mask requirement.


Restaurant job growth surged again in July

The industry added 253,200 jobs during the month as overall job growth accelerated while wages increase.

Hiring challenges and rising wages have pushed restaurants to a breaking point, with automation offering one solution. But widespread adoption could still be years away.

Higher wages, fewer workers and supply challenges are disrupting restaurant menus. But raising prices isn’t the only answer.

Realistic or not, a $15 wage holds the promise of a better life for restaurant employees.

As mask mandates return, employee vaccine requirements could go further. But for restaurants facing a labor shortage after a brutal year face challenges doing so. And maybe shouldn’t do that at all.

Restaurants and other small businesses would be reimbursed for paying workers who need time off to have their families vaccinated.

Qualifying restaurants will be granted a $5,000 tax credit, payable ahead of their tax filing, for every net new position they add.

The fines and back pay extend back to the first day Chicago's law went into effect. The penalty is the largest ever assessed for violations of the city's labor laws.

The company credits higher wages and an end to unemployment benefits for bringing in more applicants but costs are driving up prices.

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