Federal judge strikes down new joint employer rules

One business day before the new standard was to be adopted, a federal judge sided with the franchise industry and blocked adoption, saying the update goes too far.


Hype aside, is Panera exempt from California's wage bill?

News analysis: The controversy involving Panera Bread franchisee Greg Flynn may be moot, but the exemption baked into the impending fast-food wage remains unexplained.

Labor advisors say more restaurant operations are being infiltrated by “salters” like the one who sparked the organization of Starbucks. Here’s what those targeted employers may be up against.

The suit would seek damages from Darden Restaurants for distracting One Fair Wage from its lobbying mission.

The move is the latest sign that relations are thawing and contract negotiations may soon begin.

The company, which responded to the raise with a $2 fee, estimated that customers have placed 200,000 fewer orders since December.

The coffee brand and Workers United, the parent of Starbucks Workers United, have pledged to hammer out a framework for collective bargaining.

Working Lunch: Starbucks Workers United is stepping up its courtship of the public as it looks ahead to contract negotiations.

A federal judge has pushed back the day the controversial rule change takes effect by two weeks. He also indicated that he intends to rule soon on whether the new standard should be scrapped.

Customers are paying more, and couriers are working less. What it all means for restaurants is still unclear, but some fear it could get ugly.

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