Restaurants can learn some foodservice tricks from supermarkets

State of the Plate: Nancy Kruse, RB’s menu trends columnist, says grocers are stepping up their game, and restaurants need to keep up.


6 menu items to watch at convenience stores this summer

C-stores are embracing their position as an affordable alternative to restaurant food, offering things like Spam, meal bundles and $6 burrito bowls.

Plus Korean, Indian and African ingredients make news, and condiments and desserts take on more complex flavor profiles.

Tech Check: Retail trends are often a preview of what's to come for restaurants, but that may not be the case here.

Retail Watch: Grocers and big-box food retailers, already benefiting from being significantly cheaper than restaurants, are touting major price cuts this summer.

The new feature is part of an expanding relationship between the two companies that also includes a free Grubhub+ subscription for Prime members.

Uber Eats will have a dedicated tab within the grocery delivery app, which it said will allow it to reach more customers.

The deal gives Kraft Heinz the right to use Fridays’ brand name on retail products in perpetuity.

A Deeper Dive: Jim Norberg, CEO of Krispy Krunchy Chicken, joins the podcast to talk about the chain’s rapid growth and how it plans a push into marketing and delivery.

Retail Watch: It appears, at least in part, that the value equation didn’t add up for inflation-weary consumers. Plus: C-store stalwart Krispy Krunchy Chicken has big growth plans.

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