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Enhancing Consumer Confidence in Food Home Delivery

Tamper Seal label on Jack's Bar & Grill box
Photograph courtesy of DayMark

With the rise of digital technology reshaping the business of restaurant home meal delivery, new online food delivery platforms are competing for customers and offering expanded choices and convenience. As consumers become more reliant on shopping online through apps or websites, however, they expect the same quality, convenience, and transparency when it comes to ordering lunch or dinner. 

Both restaurant owners and consumers want food that tastes good, is delivered within a reasonable amount of time, and is safe to eat. Without investing in additional workers and delivery vehicles, restaurant owners have become reliant on third-party delivery workers to transport a quality meal – one people would expect if dining in the restaurant – to the customer’s home or office.

Unfortunately, a lot can happen between when an order is placed and when the food is actually delivered.  A recent national survey found that nearly 30 percent of food delivery drivers are eating from the food they are responsible for delivering. There also is the possibility a bag or container could fall and the food could spill out. It’s important for both the restaurant operator and the customer to know that the food has not been tampered with in any way from the time it left the food service kitchen to the time it arrives at the door.

One important way to ensure peace of mind is using tamper-evident labels—like TamperSeal labels offered by DayMark Safety Systems—as a seal on delivered food packaging. TamperSeal labels adhere to most any packaging material safely and securely. Each label has security slits that cause the label to lose its integrity if someone attempts to open the container. If the seal is broken upon delivery, it is a clear indication that the food may have been tampered with.

Tamper-evident labels also ensure that food is appropriately labeled and handled during delivery, utilizing strong adhesive to keep the label attached to the package. TamperSeal labels, for example, are printed using DayMark’s MenuPilot® platform and can include information such as a company logo, a web address, safe handling instructions, date and time the food was prepared, marketing material, and nutritional and other customized information.

As the restaurant home delivery industry continues to expand, using tamper-evident labels will remain a critical factor to its success by increasing customer peace of mind and assurance that a food order has remained untouched while in transit to its destination.

This post is sponsored by DayMark Safety Systems