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Forget cooking Thanksgiving at home this year—it may be cheaper to order from a restaurant

Supermarket prices for turkeys and some sides are reaching new heights, but restaurants are offering deals on fully-cooked holiday meals with all the trimmings that can be easier on the wallet—and the cook.


Sober bars and zero-proof drink lists add buzz to alcohol-free socialization

More consumers want to abstain from alcohol at least some of the time, and operators are answering the call with booze-free cocktail selections that are just as buzz-worthy.

Technomic's Take: Customer satisfaction has been dropping, especially with online visits. But in-person interaction can overcome this problem.

Americans are becoming more vocal about higher prices for food and restaurants and are seeking out more affordable options, a new Yelp report found.

It’s one of the largest relief efforts among a number of states offering cash injections to help consumers deal with rising costs. Will restaurants benefit?

The market for processed plant-based meat alternatives is shrinking, according to new research and purchasing data.

Brined cukes and a host of other lip-pursing options are showing up on all types of menus—and everywhere from the drinks list to the dessert array.

QR codes and kiosks may be good for the bottom line, but restaurants risk alienating guests if they’re not careful, experts say.

There’s been a shift in what diners want in a romantic restaurant dinner, according to SevenRooms’ “Date Night Diner Report.”

Reusable container programs bring upsides and obstacles as sustainability efforts are renewed post-pandemic.

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