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Texas Roadhouse leads rebound in steakhouse visits

People have flocked back to steak chains over the past year, according to Placer.ai. And the category leader stands apart from the herd.


How Arby’s is acing delivery

The sandwich chain is one of only a few brands whose delivered food is rated higher by customers than what's served on premise.

Patrons will readily shift their loyalties on the basis of how staffs are handled, particularly on COVID safety issues, according to the findings.

A recent Technomic survey reveals the top 10 destinations for slurping a shake.

Innovation comes to the breadbasket, as restaurants upgrade service, variety and quality.

Nearly six in 10 tend to be underwhelmed by the experience. That’s just one of the surprising findings in a new consumer survey.

The 2021 Yelp Economic Average studied search terms on the review platform to track the pandemic’s continued impact on restaurants.

Drinkers who overindulged during the holidays and the growing ranks of sober-curious consumers are gravitating toward alcohol-free cocktails this month.

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking ways to promote wellness across all aspects of their lives, and unsurprisingly, eating a healthy diet is a cornerstone. Currently, the growing appeal of plant-based foods and diets is likely correlated with the growing number of consumers preferring a healthier diet—and for that reason, it’s crucial that operators develop strategies to leverage each of these trends in conjunction.

A new survey from Oracle Food & Beverage found that diners like tech-enabled ordering options but they may be becoming impatient after getting used to high-speed service.

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