Consumer Trends

4 global menu megatrends to track

Technomic finds that similar consumer demands—such as increased snacking and plant-forward plates—are driving menus around the world.

Consumer Trends

5 chains with the most improved consumer satisfaction

Which brands have shown the most progress in consumer satisfaction scores in the last year?

Changing tastes are driving more nuanced demands from pizza fans.

Consumers are going big for breakfast, and crave-ability can drive sales.

The new heart throb: Chick-fil-A.

See which brand beat Denny’s, Applebee’s and others in a new ranking of full-service concepts by the strength of their customer following.

Kids supposedly say the darnedest things. But they draw things even more frightening. Yet, it was an adult who wreaked recent havoc at In-N-Out.

The chicken sandwich chain has one of the best brand reputations in the country, according to a Harris Poll.

Older customers are more likely than younger ones to return a meal to the kitchen.

A new analysis also shows what differentiates a good user-generated review from a negative one.

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