Olive Garden owner says customers are 'resilient' but 'more selective'

Some are opting for less-expensive wines and entrees, executives said during a wide-ranging earnings call that also touched on student loans, California’s wage bill and Ozempic.

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Americans remain torn on tipping etiquette

There are still different views on how much to give baristas, delivery people and even servers, according to a Bank of America survey.

More than 10% of all dining dollars are spent from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays, which has replaced Friday lunch as the industry’s peak period, according to new data from Square.

Many say they’d be less likely to return to restaurants with a fee, while others say they would tip less or not at all.

Reality Check: The RB staff put down its forks long enough to speculate on what could be the next big thing menu-wise. Here are our bets, longshot and otherwise.

Early evening restaurant visits are up across the board as customers look to socialize while saving some money, according to new data from InMarket.

More than half of people say they’d rather get their food to go than eat it at a restaurant, according to a new survey from US Foods. And they’re doing it a lot more often.

The 99-cent fee, described as a test, has been the target of customer complaints and even a lawsuit.

Big city downtowns may never be the same. But smaller communities are booming, creating new opportunities for operators.

The chain told financial analysts that economic uncertainty is dampening traffic across the full-service sector, and it isn't certain when the downturn will end.

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