Versatile ingredients help operators combat inflation without skimping on menu variety

Amid inflation woes, food costs can be a challenge for operators. Using ingredients in various ways for different menu items, however, can be very helpful when dealing with rising prices.

According to Technomic’s Q3 2022 Consumer & Operator Outlook Report, almost 80% of operators said they are extremely concerned or very concerned about inflation and rising prices.

Versatile ingredients, such as those offered by Conagra Foodservice, can help operators create more menu items with fewer ingredients, which not only helps with inflation costs, but can also reduce labor and make back-of-house prep faster.

Operators can expand their menu options with recipes using workhorse products such as PAM Cooking Spray, Gardein Plant-Based Chick’n Filets and Reddi-wip Nitro Coffee Creamer to create multiple dishes and drinks.

Here are some recipes that can be used with these products throughout the day:

  1. Start out with an appetizer using PAM Cooking Spray. Beet Chips can be enjoyed before a meal, as a side dish, or a snack. Simply spray sheet pans with Pam, add sliced beets and salt, then bake until beets are crisp and dry. PAM Cooking Spray is an ideal option for any dish that calls for ingredients not to stick to cookware—and can be used across the menu all day long.
  1. For the main course, use Gardein’s Plant-Based Chick’n Filets to make Ultimate Plant-based Chick’n Quesadillas. Cook cut Gardein chick’n pieces and tomatoes, then place chick’n on tortillas and add cheese. Gardein can replace chicken, beef and breaded fish in an array of recipes and are made with 100% plant protein—perfect for diners looking for a meatless option. 
  1. As for beverages, operators can count on Reddi-wip Nitro Coffee Creamer, a nitrogen-infused coffee creamer made with nonfat milk and cream, to deliver variety. Try a S’mores Latte made with Reddi-wip’s Nitro Coffee Creamer for a delicious dessert or morning beverage option. Start by warming up some whole milk with the coffee and chocolate syrup. Dip mug tops in honey and graham cracker crumbs, then add the coffee mixture. Pour in Reddi-wip Nitro Creamer, and top with Reddi-wip Barista Series Sweet Foam.

Make menus inflation proof with versatile products from Conagra Foodservice. Visit www.conagrafoodservice.comto learn more.


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