3 ways to give prepared desserts a signature twist

Adding a signature touch to popular prepared desserts such as cake, pie, cookies, brownies or cheesecake can be a profitable strategy for enticing diners to boost their dessert spending.


Sweet breakfasts from around the world

Operators who want to offer diners an international-inspired breakfast with the comforting, craveable flavor of Nutella can draw inspiration from these dishes.

Fatty foods tend to absorb the strong aromas of their fridge-mates. The solution is simple, if you have the space, Advice Guy says.

The updates include changes in the chain's catering program, new digital enhancements, and a contribution from a Starbucks veteran who's been brought onboard.

One proven way to differentiate off-premise offerings is to promote desserts, which are versatile and broadly popular across varied concepts, segments and dayparts.

Retro sweets and desserts at brunch are among those trending.

See how XO Marshmallow Cafe + Wonderland makes the most of its 700 square feet.

A look at French sweets beyond crepes and creme brulee making guests gasp, “Ooh la la!”

Sweet fixin's of the South are on the rise on chain restaurant menus.

As we head into mid-January, healthy eating may still be top of mind for many diners. Nevertheless, a majority of consumers veer toward indulgence when at restaurants.

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