“We switched from Styrofoam to a classy black-and-clear microwavable container. The biggest successes with residents are chicken cordon bleu, smokey pepper beef tips, chicken fricassee with apple glaze and pork marsala. The presentation is enhanced, and the food stays hotter.” —Robert Darrah, Legacy Retirement

“We slimmed down our menu and focused on creating meals that hold up well, are balanced and still have good eye appeal. We also had to look at traffic patterns in and around all our dining units to correctly direct guests through, making sure to keep social distancing and good flow through our dining hall. Having very little customization for meals helps keep people moving.” —Kurt Kwiatkowski, Michigan State University

“Casseroles have been a great success for us in senior living, due to their ability to stay warm and package in a pleasing way.” —Melissa Smith, Brookdale Alamo Heights