Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Salad spins

Rice bowls and salad bowls have been going well.

Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Consumer favorites

Quarantine cooking focused on comfort foods, especially in the beginning of the pandemic when the weather was still cool.

We developed an incredible pork tenderloin sandwich, and I can't wait to get it back out in front of our fans and students.

With the recent pandemic, we are actively researching immune-boosting ingredients to weave into our menus.

My team and I are playing with international flavor profiles like a slow-cooked Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich on a soft baguette with a housemade kimchi slaw, gochujang aioli and fresh cilantro.

We are launching a mobile coffee bar that can be completely broken down and sanitized every two hours, as well as a mobile ice cream bar, which will have custom options such as toppings and sauces.

“In the coming year, I’m planning more Asian bowls, self-contained meals and barbecue (because it’s good!).” —Mark Mendoza, Cajon Valley USD

“Bento boxes are the cure for catered events. You can customize and increase the offerings with a bento box-style service.”

“We switched from Styrofoam to a classy black-and-clear microwavable container.

Bowls have been trending for a couple of years now but have exploded of late.

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