Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Expanded options

“In the coming year, I’m planning more Asian bowls, self-contained meals and barbecue (because it’s good!).” —Mark Mendoza, Cajon Valley USD

Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Bento boxes

“Bento boxes are the cure for catered events. You can customize and increase the offerings with a bento box-style service.”

“We switched from Styrofoam to a classy black-and-clear microwavable container.

Bowls have been trending for a couple of years now but have exploded of late.

Tapping trends all in one bowl.

“We are looking to introduce a grilled cheese bar where students can choose their cheese, bread and some additional toppings, and we grill to order.

In the scramble to feed guests safely, chefs have not left flavor behind.

We will be adding more Indian and Vietnamese cuisine to the menu, with a focus on chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Even when things get a bit more back to normal, portable foods will continue to be in demand.

I’m looking forward to cooking delicate items that can be served immediately after preparation, like moist fish with a nice crust that doesn't get soggy after being covered in plastic.

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