Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Asian additions

We will be adding more Indian and Vietnamese cuisine to the menu, with a focus on chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

The next normal

Even when things get a bit more back to normal, portable foods will continue to be in demand.

I’m looking forward to cooking delicate items that can be served immediately after preparation, like moist fish with a nice crust that doesn't get soggy after being covered in plastic.

With buffets being re-evaluated due to COVID-19, we are turning our attention to improving the a la carte table service experience in all of our dining venues and adding a haute cuisine fine-dining element to our offerings.

2020 has been a disruptive year for restaurants, and no part of the industry has been left untouched, including menu development.

“I have been focusing on creating new recipes that support speed of service and portability. Enter the ‘Year of the Sandwich.’

I have been wanting to make a Southern-style ramen, with corn, bits of tender pork rib meat, okra and, of course, noodles, served in a bowl like a traditional ramen.

Overnight breakfast oats in a bowl.

Comfort food with a new twist. In the plans are an open-faced pot roast sandwich, country fried pork with chipotle cream gravy and acai bowls.

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