New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

How do you drain a double fryer?

Operations that use high-capacity units should make sure they have disposal systems to match, Advice Guy says.


2 well-known operators to shutter indie restaurants

David Chang and Danny Meyer will close units in 2018, another sign of challenging times for the restaurant industry.

The half-day training, to be held May 29, follows widespread outrage after the arrest of two black men accused of trespassing by chain employees.

See what passes as entertainment at restaurants these days.

A different sort of whopper figured large in recent restaurant news. But it's all true—we swear it!

Griddles are fairly basic: a thick steel plate is heated from below, allowing you to grill and sauté on a big flat surface. Today, that basic formula is being tricked out with new features.

Not to argue with Kermit the Frog, but these days it’s easier than ever to be green, particularly when it comes to your options in cleaning products.

We asked some of today’s top mixologists to name their favorite tech tools behind the bar, with the direction that it didn’t have to be electronic.

Open kitchen concepts satisfy the curiosity and demand for transparency of the public, but they are a modern-day fishbowl for chefs. Here are some best practices.

Now Cook County is scrambling to identify means of making up the revenue deficit. One idea floated: legalizing marijuana.

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