Overcome the labor shortage

  • Take a look at your Employee Turnover Ratio. What is turnover really costing you? Can you afford to ignore it any longer?
  • Get rid of that old out-dated, command-control style of management and start letting your employees lead. And try to create a fun work environment. Yes, fun. Even 50-year olds like to have fun, and it's contagious. Think of how much your customers will enjoy their dining experience if the people surrounding them have a smile on their face.
  • Start talking to your employees. Do they like their jobs? Are they confident in management? Are they happy? Do they feel like they can contribute? Crew feedback cards, server focus groups surveys, and 30-Second Boosts are just a few of the ways you can get in touch with your employees.
  • Do you offer your employees more than just a paycheck? Do you provide an employee policy handbook to let them know exactly what is expected of them each time they come to work? Do you offer a career path, with job descriptions, evaluations and pay grade scales that give them a chance to grow in skills and pay? Do you give your employees a reason to stick with you, instead of defecting to the competition who will give them all this and more?
  • Train often and train well. Do you train skills completely and systematically? Do you vary your training methods and introduce ways to help employees learn more effectively? Do you offer video or CD-ROM based training to a generation who grew up on television and computers?

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