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Restaurants find strength in app partnerships

A handful of restaurant operators are tricking out their apps by teaming up.


Apps that add value

These seven apps stand out from the current pack.

This month, operators are breaking with tradition, or at least attempting to.

The night is dark and full of themed menu items and events.

Almost every food media and critic issues a list of top restaurants. A new ranking uses the standouts among those lists as the basis for what it says is the authoritative rundown of the industry's best places. Here's our analysis of how they earned that distinction.

How far afield will operators go in their quest for updates of familiar favorites? This month, we’re clocking the distance on two fronts, including what some adventurers are doing with french fries.

Passengers of the ride-sharing service will be able to make a late-night pit stop along the way.

Concepts aim to reel in customers with a variety of shark-related promotions.

It’s an unlikely success story—a Cinderella saga of how a concept transformed from a New York City hot dog cart to the country’s fastest-growing small chain.

The Future 50 uncovers industry insights around where the hot upstarts are germinating and other commonalities.

Tech took over at a restaurant gathering in Chicago this week. Here are some key takeaways.

Here are three things to keep an eye on this month.

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