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How younger consumers are adapting to inflation

A Deeper Dive: Lori Rakoczy, associate principal with Technomic, joins the Restaurant Business podcast to discuss the impact inflation is having on restaurant customers.


Restaurants’ growth plans get stuck in red tape

Operators have increasingly aggressive growth plans and are proposing more complicated restaurant formats than ever. But permitting and construction delays are slowing it all down.

The operator of drive-thru restaurants has reportedly hired advisers to help it restructure its debt, which comes due next year.

The Bottom Line: If a recession hits, price-weary consumers could look for more deals. But mass discount programs may be too difficult in an inflationary environment.

The trade group, which has spent much of its time in recent years pushing back against regulations, is touring cities in the hope of building a better reputation for franchising.

Julie Younglove-Webb was named chief brand officer for Auntie Anne’s while the brand operator named new heads of design and real estate.

The Bottom Line: Producer prices for food declined more than 1% last month, though eggs and beef were up. And restaurant sales declined.

The restaurants were forced to close for a day but have since reopened. The attack hit the company’s IT systems.

The Mexican chain’s “Ultimate Gameday Box” features its Mexican Pizza, chicken wings and tacos starting Jan. 26. It also has a special “Wings Filter” on its app showing which restaurants have wings available.

The fast-growing healthy dining chain said it is building out its executive roster as it prepares for expansion this year.

The company, backed by restaurateur Danny Meyer, has some big plans to open more fast-casual taco shops and sell its retail tortilla brand throughout the country.

A Deeper Dive: John Dikos, CEO of the chain, and VP of Finance and Strategy Adam Sanders join the podcast to talk about the 20-unit chain and its growth potential.

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