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Starbucks goes cold

The coffee giant’s U.S. traffic grew 3% last quarter, thanks in part to sales of more cold beverages.


McDonald’s system sales hit $100B last year

Delivery, kiosks and core menu items helped the chain generate its best comparable-store sales in more than a decade, but traffic remains elusive.

The company said it is monitoring the operating hours of all of its locations in the country amid the fast-growing outbreak.

On Monday, Bar Louie and the owner of Village Inn and Bakers Square became the latest restaurant chains to file for federal debt protection. Here's a roundup of recent filings.

The chain is selling Chicken McGriddles and McChicken Biscuits for a limited time as competition grows.

Kevin Johnson’s pay package increased 36% in the company’s past fiscal year, thanks largely to incentives.

Bankruptcy filings by Bar Louie, Krystal and American Blue Ribbon all reflect the industry’s competitive and operational challenges, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

American Blue Ribbon Holdings closed 33 locations as it continues to lose money.

This week’s Chopt-Dos Toros deal is the latest to combine multiple growth concepts, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

A group of operators has formed a franchisee association to represent their interests amid continued uncertainty about the company’s future.

The Mexican fast-food chain is reintroducing the popular fries next week.

Here are a few steps operators can take to keep from falling into a Burgerim-like trap.

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