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In appreciation of White Castle's Impossible Slider

The Bottom Line: The burger chain kicked off the plant-based, fast-food trend with the introduction of the menu item five years ago. While the trend has slowed at quick-service concepts, that doesn’t make the move any less important.


Consumers should pay the price for delivery, but will they?

The Bottom Line: Third-party services are pushing back against restaurants that charge higher prices. But that practice is unlikely to end anytime soon, leaving the ultimate decision up to consumers.

The company is shifting to a tiered loyalty program, called Subway MVP Rewards, based on level of spending.

The food-and-games chain hopes an improved menu, higher game prices and remodels will generate long-term revenue. But its same-store sales have been slowing in recent quarters.

The Bottom Line: A big coupon drop by Subway gives customers some huge value. That’s a potential problem at a brand with profitability challenges.

The location in Austin, Tex., is cashless and seatless and without a traditional drive-thru. Customers order via mobile app or kiosk.

CKE Restaurant Holdings named former Cracker Barrel executive Jennifer Tate CMO, while it named ex-Yum Brands executive Mike Lenihan CFO.

The chicken sandwich chain is adding “Mobile Thru” lanes to its drive-thrus in 300 locations amid a growing number of efforts to bolster its digital business.

A Deeper Dive: The longtime development executive joins the podcast to talk about his plans to grow the small chain out of Ohio he acquired two years ago.

Starbucks, Crumbl Cookies and Jersey Mike’s were among the most prolific expanders in 2022, when growth was on the menu at a lot of brands.

The chain said that its Sweet ‘n Spicy Wings have become its best new product introduction since the chain’s chicken sandwich.

Traffic has surged this year following the introduction of the coffee giant's fall lineup last month, according to the data firm And one of the biggest reasons is the day of the week the lineup was launched.

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