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How Shipley Do-Nuts is bringing its brand into the future

A Deeper Dive: Flynn Dekker, CEO of the donut and kolache chain, joins the podcast to talk about how to get an 87-year-old concept ready for growth.


Restaurant operators prepare for California's $20 fast-food wage

The nation’s largest restaurant economy is about to raise hourly pay for limited-service restaurant workers by 25%. Price hikes are on their way. But will high prices drive diners away?

The owner of The Weather Channel had sought $100 million from the fast-food giant over ad spending, but a judge dismissed the case on free speech grounds.

The Bottom Line: In past years, quick-service restaurants were a beneficiary in times when consumers were cutting back. Not this time.

The company acknowledged that lower-income consumers are eating at home more often, largely because of moderate price hikes at grocers. Here’s how the fast food giant plans to respond.

The Bottom Line: In late 2022, just about every economist was predicting a recession. Instead, we’ve had a strong economy fueled by a resilient consumer.

Same-store sales rose 4.3% in the U.S., thanks to marketing, operations and its growing loyalty program. But sales came thanks to higher prices rather than traffic. And the chain saw sales challenges in the Middle East.

The Bottom Line: The coffee shop giant said its problems with occasional customers last quarter were “transitory.” Fixing that problem will be a big challenge.

The coffee shop chain sells a lot of gift cards, has plans for late-night delivery and new product introductions. And young people like their beverages cold.

The executive of the pizza buffet chain discusses video games, technology, labor costs and my favorite pizza in this transcript of the most recent episode of the podcast A Deeper Dive.

The sub-sandwich chain, which is being sold to Roark Capital, said its footlong pretzel, churro and cookie are exceeding sales expectations.

A Deeper Dive: Jeff Hetsel, president and COO of the pizza buffet chain, joins the podcast to talk about the brand’s focus on games and what that does to its business.

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