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Chuck Schumer takes issue with the Friendly’s closures

The New York U.S. senator said the workers did not receive enough notice and called for a federal investigation.


McDonald’s says a third of its eggs are cage-free

The company expects to source 726 million cage-free eggs in the U.S. this year.

The Canadian brand operator will pay $6.45 per share for the take-and-bake pizza chain.

Some companies could struggle evolving past low prices, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The National Restaurant Association’s Hudson Riehle joins this episode of "A Deeper Dive" and says there is still plenty of room for industry growth.

The restaurant industry is expected to grow 3.9% this year, even as real growth remains more modest.

Guillermo Perales’ attorney said the brand’s termination of 37 Texas restaurants was improper and that the company is trying to get the operator to sell.

Large shareholder Ancora Advisors proposed paying $11.75 per share, saying the company would be better off private.

The struggling chain has shuttered a quarter of its locations since 2017.

The company has terminated the operator’s franchise agreements for 37 stores in Texas, one of which was the subject of a video featuring rats in the kitchen.

CEC Entertainment, which also owns Peter Piper Pizza, will return to the public markets after its merger with Leo Holdings.

The Atlanta-based operator, which also owns Popeyes locations, added a third brand and closed in on 500 restaurants.

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