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Complying with the new overtime rules

Are you ready for the changes in federal overtime pay rules?


Test your food safety savvy

September is National Food Safety Month, which is a perfect time to renew your commitment to food safety. Take this quiz to see how you’re doing.

Under the law, ADA-recognized service animals are not the same as emotional support pets.

The National Restaurant Association presses Congress, IRS for solutions as more employers receive letters.

In today’s competitive business environment, restaurateurs have to innovate products and services that anticipate customers’ needs and ease their pain points.

The restaurant industry is known for supporting good causes and embracing diversity. Do you know a restaurateur with a great give-back story to tell?

With the right precautions and counter strategies, these suits can be mitigated and even avoided.

The National Restaurant Association helps restaurants invest in employees.

Increasing participation in your employer-sponsored health insurance plan is a good business move for employee health and retention.

The National Restaurant Association has taken on expanded leadership roles in the Emma Coalition to help prepare for changes brought by emerging technologies.

At many restaurants around the country, environmental sustainability has become as popular with customers as the food itself.

Sean Kennedy brings more than 20 years of policy and advocacy experience to the table.

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