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Consumer Trends

8 ways to give customers more bang for their buck

Here’s how restaurants can promote value without focusing on price alone.


4 desserts and drinks feeding diners' candy cravings

Operators are doubling up on sweets with candy garnishes and add-ins.

These quick recipes fit the bill for health-conscious consumers looking for something other than a doughnut or loaded nachos to satisfy midmorning cravings.

New types of tacos are appearing on menus as operators apply plant-forward and global flavor trends to the Mexican staple. Try these six recipes for a little variety.

Swapping one sauce or condiment for another or subbing grilled veggies for meat can create a sandwich with a different flavor profile and a unique selling point.

Several actionable food and drink insights bubbled up at a recent conference on restaurant trends.

Summer days call for minimal time at the stove. Create a menu of cold soups, quick-grilled meats and veggies and make-ahead dishes featuring peak-season ingredients.

Restaurants are offering a new wave of frosty drinks to draw customers this summer.

Operators can catch some of that patriotic spirit by planning menus focused on favorite summertime recipes.

With visions of beach vacations on customers’ minds, the timing is right to add more fish and shellfish dishes to the menu. These six recipes fit the bill, featuring seafood paired with seasonal ingredients that highlight the best of summer eating.

New iterations of the comfort food favorite are flying onto menus.

These recipes, shared with attendees at the 23rd Annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference at UMass Amherst, tap into some of today’s top trends.

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