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Behind the scenes at the James Beard Awards: How one chef cooks for the crowd

. On Monday afternoon, I got to see the process up-close-and-personal, as I observed Chef David Posey, representing the Waldorf Astoria, prep for the 25th annual James Beard Foundation Awards festivities taking place that night at Chicago’s Lyric Opera House.


Learning to assess people

“The biggest mistakes I’ve made are people mistakes,” Brolick told Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association in front of a packed audience at the Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Plano, Texas-based Romacorp, parent to Tony Roma’s, is taking the millennial courtship a step further with an entirely new sister concept—TR Fire Grill—tailored to the in-demand group.

As menus have evolved in step with culinary trends, so have the plates on which restaurant food is served.

According to a recent survey by research company The NPD Group, over half of consumers are concerned about GMOs, but when asked to define them, many are unclear.

A restaurant’s no-reservations policy can turn the most amiable hostess into a tyrant and the most laid-back guest into a monster—fueled by hunger and impatience. What's to blame?

McDonald’s has gotten a bad rap lately for a number of missteps. But the burger giant upgraded its coffee program a few years ago.

By reformatting the dish—and using ground meat instead of sliced leg—Millman now is able to offer lamb for $15 instead of $35, appealing to younger diners.

Pizza Hut only now is getting in the gluten-free game, besting its rivals by launching completely gluten-free pizza this January, crust and toppings included.

Napkins, cups and utensils are line iteems on the P&L, and when control is put into guests’ hands, losses escalate.

The new beach-theme design sports a brighter color scheme inside and out. Seating options also have changed.

Since it launched three months ago, “afternoon service” has been packed, Chef-owner Michael Schwartz says. “It’s changed the whole dynamic of the restaurant.”

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