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The chicken sandwich wars heat up as KFC enters the fray

The battle for the best continues, with the Colonel and smaller contenders joining the ranks.


Venues that host conventions and conferences are laying the groundwork for reopening

Virtual meetings are dominating now, but consumers are eager for live events to return—with caveats.

Best practices and innovations developed during the pandemic will impact alcohol sales in the long run.

Renewed R&D is powering menus forward after the pandemic slowed things down.

Seattle restaurant Addo has found fresh ways to up its takeout game as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

As employees begin to trickle back to the workplace, restaurants are revamping catered lunches to meet today’s demands.

The summer vacation season is here, but Americans are sticking close to home.

Restaurants launch all-American specials to celebrate Independence Day.

Restaurants are featuring branded products in breakfast sandwiches, burgers and more.

To lure guests back to restaurants, bars, catered meetings and overnight stays, hotels are creating strict guidelines and innovative changes.

The supersized Shaq-a-Roni boasts double the cheese and pepperoni.

Restaurant and bar customers support operators who enforce mask compliance.

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