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How restaurants are snagging the new pack of snackers

The demand for anytime, anywhere eating keeps rising, and operators are noticing, competing to offer a greater variety of value-priced and inventive snacks to steal customers away from retail.


Lettuce Entertain You shares new initiatives, Eggs Up Grill makes menu moves, and the dish on pizza styles and Brooklyn food

Menu Talk: Pat and Bret dig into the latest food and drink trends and restaurant news.

Taste Tracker: Lucille’s Smokehouse cooks up BBQ feasts; baked falafel comes to Taziki’s; borracho beans return to Fuzzy’s; Panera celebrates Derby Day and Jimmy John’s has a gift for moms.

The remodeled NYC location gives guests a chance to sample and provide feedback on new menu items before they roll out systemwide.

The 32-unit Mexican-themed chain formalized catering by focusing on the culinary and digital experience.

Menu Talk: Pat and Bret dig into the latest food and drink trends and news.

Taste Tracker: Bacon stars at Wayback and Black Bear Diner; Starbucks and Hooters kick up the heat; On the Border is ready for Cinco de Mayo; and more menu news of the week.

The Mexican fast-food chain partnered with a hot sauce company to launch Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries for a limited run.

Many operators are on a sustainability mission year round, but they go the extra mile to promote their efforts on April 22.

Inflation and increased competition mean that menus have to work harder to build traffic and sales, concluded speakers at the Restaurant Leadership Conference. Here’s how to make that happen.

Kiosks’ benefits aren’t on the labor line, casual dining does some soul searching and you can’t eat ice cream while on the phone are among the lessons from the three-day event.

The fast-food sandwich giant is reintroducing the bread after a four-year absence as part of yet another refresh of its menu, including a new spicy sauce and Baja Chipotle potato chips.

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