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Restaurant nightmares (and dream) of the week

The detriment to free speech is saying whatever you want, a situation that lends itself to abuse. Just ask a few restaurants.

Jimmy John's plans to undercut competitors for one day

Six subs will be offered at a rock-bottom price.

Two variations—one heftier, the other smaller—are about to be tested, the chain has confirmed.

A government-related entity has teamed up with KKR to make a bid, according to a news report.

A former partner of the coffee giant has opened its first U.S. cafe.

As with all aspects of the business, the naming of a restaurant can conform to trends and fads. There’s no denying that the latest current is to state pointblank what the place will be selling.

Red Ash will feature pasta and pizza.

The family restaurant operator sold 143 properties for a total of $197.2 million, of which it expects to net $164 million.

The search giant opened a popup in New York City and plans to shut it today—after zero sales.

The leader in the race for the Democratic nomination—and the presidency, according to some polls—is no longer saying a $12 federal pay floor would economically be more prudent.

A study released this week found a correlation between fast-food consumption and exposure to two potentially harmful chemicals.

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