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Top generational need states

The drivers getting consumers into chain restaurants differs among the ages.

Special Reports

America's favorite chains by menu segment

These are consumers' favorite brands for each menu type, from bakery cafe to steak.

By now, most operators are familiar with the overarching trends influenced by the millennial generation. As they age up, however, their wants and priorities are changing.

Consumers’ most loved chains aren’t just focused on one aspect of their restaurants—they are winning in service, ambiance and convenience, along with the food.

Even the most loved casual chains are hurting for sales growth. Two of consumers' top five brands made major changes over the past year to try to correct that loss.

These are the country's top-rated family-dining brands.

The fast-casual market has become very diversified, but it's still the sandwich chains that are winning praise from consumers.

As proof that sales don’t always equate to consumer preference, only one of the 10 largest chains by sales made this list.

How are third-party brands performing as the market continues to shift?

Big picture, operators need to determine how off-premise fits into their brand vision, and then build a strategy.

It’s upending how restaurants do business, and it’s more competitive than ever. For many, off-premise is helping brands attract a new customer base, but it’s also adding challenges across operations.

The crystal ball into consumers’ habits is driven by data.

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