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Toast announces $250M in funding

The restaurant-management platform more than doubled the number of brands using it last year.

The champion of women in restaurants will stay on until a successor is hired.

A deep dive into the industry’s history sheds light on where we’re going.

Back-of-house tech has come a long way since crushed ice dispensers were considered innovative.

With about one-tenth of the American workforce in the restaurant space, there’s no denying that industry has had a hand in shaping labor in America.

These families have been part of the restaurant business for generations.

The third-party deliverer is among the many to raise large amounts of capital, this time through private funds.

As competition continues to heat up, customers have higher demands.

From upcoming trends to pricing strategy, the takeaways from the four days of the Show will be seemingly endless.

Driving interest—and sales—comes down to more than just the right price.

Despite a movement towards independents, chain restaurants keep driving business.

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