Cracker Barrel


Should Cracker Barrel get out of the gift shop business?

Reality Check: The retail component of the family dining concept drew off sales and profits during the brand's most recent quarter. Maybe it's time to leave the shops out of future Cracker Barrels.


Cracker Barrel admits it worsened Q4 traffic with marketing misfires

The company acknowledged that its messaging failed to deliver, but believes a loyalty program will greatly help.

The former Olive Garden marketing chief will seek other opportunities, Cracker Barrel said. Her departure was announced two weeks after the transition to a new CEO began.

Customers returned to dining out and operators greeted them with a record number of limited-time offers. The result was a summer of love on restaurant menus.

The former president of Taco Bell International will take over leadership at the family dining chain next month. Cochran will become the executive chair through next year.

The long-serving family dining chain leader has kept her head down and her sights forward, despite the distractions of a 10-year takeover attempt and setbacks in the search for a fresh growth opportunity.

The family-dining chain has set a goal of hitting the $100 million sales mark for big to-go orders this summer. As executives attest, so far, so very, very good.

The family-dining chain is also building its catering business through more aggressive sales efforts, with plans to hit the $100 million mark by July.

The highwayside family dining restaurant chain also said it is growing its share among value-conscious consumers.

The activist investor and the family-dining chain, which have been at odds for 11 years, reached a cooperation agreement on Wednesday.

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