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Local restaurants make headway in airports, a reflection of changing consumer tastes

Playing off customers’ preference for fresh, unique fare, a growing number of airports are opening outposts of popular local restaurants and offering menus crafted by well-known local chefs.


Sysco Food Services of New Orleans, LLC, located in Harahan, LA, which has been closed since Aug. 30, is primarily focusing on emergency relief shipments to...

When it comes to this year's crop of new products, once again it's all about "green."

When Kevin Sbraga first looked at the 6,700-square-foot open space in Jacksonville, Fla., he envisioned it broken up into smaller, cozier areas.

The acquisition of King Provision Corp., Jacksonville, FL, will be the 15th U.S. location for the ID Top 50 distributorship.King Provision, a systems company...

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 24, 2011)—The United Fresh Produce Association Foundation has announced record nominations for the 2011 United Fresh Produce...

One of the oldest quick-service hamburger chains in Alabama, with an indie local restaurant vibe

Funny how a handful of celebrity chefs and mom-and-pop global joints can round out a local cuisine. Now visitors in the know—and with a car to navigate the bi-state sprawl—have a new nickname for Kansas City: Chowtown.

Each year on March 1st, IHOP celebrates National Pancake Month with free flapjacks all day long. Other restaurants salute the pancake with fresh toppings, decadent fillings and a few savory twists. It’s tough to resist these pillowy treats—especially as Mardi Gras season comes to a close.

As the calendar flips from 2006 to 2007, gazing into the proverbial crystal ball becomes an increasingly popular activity.

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