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Consumers' Choice Award-winning chains

Technomic looks at consumers’ assessments of more than 60 attributes in order to determine the winners of its annual Chain Restaurant Consumers’ Choice Awards.


Drive-thru packaging with integrity

Consumers expect food from the drive-thru to be just as tasty and fresh as food eaten in the restaurant. Packaging is key to delivering on that expectation.

Customers reveal which chain subs spark their strongest yearnings.

Roark Capital Group bought a majority stake in the “freaky fast” sandwich brand last fall

A new report gives a glimpse into some of the outreach tactics restaurants are using online.

In a new attempt to hold franchisors responsible for the labor practices of stores, employees of the sandwich chain have accused the home office of setting policies that shortchange hourlies on regular and overtime pay.

The state attorney general says the franchisor is following policies that spare it from pressure to raise wages.

No leadership shake-ups were announced as part of the deal.

The humor and goodwill intended by some restaurants this week was taken far differently by the public, once again underscoring the need for caution in the age of social media.

The concepts winning with their marketing efforts aren’t necessarily grabbing the full audience. Here’s a look at the chains resonating with different genders as well as those scoring with both.

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