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McDonald’s documents frustrate the NLRB

An investigation of the franchisor’s role as a potential joint employer is being complicated by the use of a black marker, the agency alleges.

McDonald’s tries garlic fries

The made-to-order fries being tested in San Francisco are the latest example of the chain’s menu regionalization efforts.

Interest in all-day breakfast means more energy and space for the equipment to make it. IHOP divides its four griddles into five stations to keep ingredients separate.

Participating units also received new equipment aimed to improve the quality of the chain’s McCafe lineup.

The nation's worsening drug problem is spilling into restaurants, and that's not the only negative carryover from other realms. Overtime lawsuits are proliferating while new regulations are on hold. But there is some good news among the week's most noticeable developments.

Chain’s volley in the new value wars is a tiered menu that will be available Jan. 4.

The chain reminds its Twitter followers that its rival still has some frozen burgers.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is back on McDonald's case for continuing to use a fryer oil that contains trans fat.

Winning means looking at what drives Hispanic consumers’ buying decisions. According to research by Univision, at QSRs, here's what Hispanic diners are looking for.

Some franchise owners say the rollout has been rife with problems.

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