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McDonald’s and Domino’s are bigger competitors than ever

The Bottom Line: The world’s biggest restaurant chain and the world’s biggest pizza chain are increasingly going head-to-head for budget consumers.


McDonald’s executives are expecting a recession

The burger giant said it is preparing for a wide range of economic scenarios but says it is getting more lower-income consumers.

Camp McDonald’s helped propel digital sales at the burger giant, though the strong dollar caused some headaches. The company also warned of a potential recession in the U.S. and Europe.

Marketing Bites: Uncertainty about whether the company will bring back “the G.O.A.T. of sandwiches” makes it more alluring; Outback uses college athletes to hock catering.

The burger giant is trying to bring back some mystery surrounding the sandwich by making this a "farewell tour," something it first used 17 years ago.

The Bottom Line: The company’s surprise announcement that it would sell doughnuts in nine locations has raised a few questions.

Marketing Bites: The burger chain proves that you don’t need a big name to have a big impact; Taco Bell brings back a hit marketing effort; Papa John’s gets spooky.

The burger chain will conduct a limited-time operations test at nine company locations in Louisville, Ky.

Data from Placer.ai shows the burger chain’s traffic is beating the broader restaurant industry and its fast-food competitors. Economic downturns are traditionally good for the company.

Kareem Daniel, chairman of media and entertainment distribution at Walt Disney Co., is the fourth new director this year.

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