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McDonald’s adds a Disney executive to its board of directors

Kareem Daniel, chairman of media and entertainment distribution at Walt Disney Co., is the fourth new director this year.


Chris Kempczinski solidifies his position at McDonald's

The Bottom Line: He was elevated to the CEO’s job when the last guy was fired. The chain’s strong performance has put him in a strong position despite some controversy.

The burger giant is working with Cactus Plant Flea Market to create a meal in a box, complete with figurines of the chain’s classic characters.

The burger giant is creating “Speedee Labs,” which will consolidate innovation work being done in Romeoville, Ill., and its corporate offices in downtown Chicago.

Joe Erlinger, head of McDonald’s USA, said the legislation creates an unfair playing field by targeting chains with 100 or more locations nationwide and not everybody. “This should raise alarm bells across the country.”

The former PepsiCo executive will oversee the burger giant’s Global Impact Team, including sustainability and ESG, government relations and communications.

Restaurant Rewind: The onetime marketing superstars have lost the spotlight to food, guests and less-controversial employees. The spokesfigures' past may explain why.

The burger giant plans to test the sandwich at select locations in Miami this month. The chicken version of its premium burger was a hit in the U.K.

Top executives from Marriott International, Johnson & Johnson and Salesforce will join the board following the retirement of Sheila Penrose.

Restaurant Rewind: Draws like pumpkin spice latte and the McRib weren't always the surefire hits they've become.

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