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You can now buy a Chicken McNugget pillow from Travis Scott

The item is one of many McDonald’s-themed products available on Scott’s website as part of the artist’s partnership with the chain.


McDonald's to start testing reusable cups

The burger giant has a partnership with packaging service Loop to start using reusable cups in the U.K. starting next year.

A look at key moments in the CEO's tenure and the legal dispute with the company that emerged this summer.

The company will sell the rapper’s favorite meal for $6 starting next week. The sponsorship will also get into fashion and charitable efforts.

More than 50 former operators accused the chain of a longtime pattern of bias that drove many of them out of the system.

RB’s The Bottom Line looks at some of the complexities of the emerging fight between the company and its former CEO, along with a top lieutenant.

The company said that Steve Easterbrook “abused the trust” of coworkers and others in lying about other relationships and destroying evidence.

The $8.5 million project will help Nebraska farmers mitigate the risk of climate change in the production of feed for beef cattle.

It’s the first time the chain is introducing a spicy version of the iconic product as the company starts marketing new products again.

The company said that Steve Easterbrook destroyed evidence of the extent of his behavior before his ouster last year.

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