The Middle East crisis is causing problems for McDonald's

CEO Chris Kempczinski said that the war and “misinformation” are having a “meaningful business impact” at the chain’s Middle East restaurants and elsewhere.


Can McDonald's succeed with its CosMc's experiment?

The Bottom Line: The test of the drive-thru beverage concept has generated a huge amount of attention and interest. But its ability to become a real competitor in the beverage market will depend on how it does in two years.

McDonald’s Squishmallow Happy Meal will be available in restaurants nationwide, beginning Dec. 26.

The company plans to survey its franchisees next year on their employment of minors in a bid to determine whether training or other resources on child labor are necessary.

The Bottom Line: The burger giant generates $16 billion in global delivery sales, more than any other quick-service restaurant chain.

The Bottom Line: The specialty beverage business generates $100 billion a year worldwide. It’s also profitable and its customers are loyal.

Restaurant Rewind: The home of the Golden Arches has looked at ventures ranging from a piano lounge to a Disneyland-like theme park. Why is it still a single-brand operation, CosMc's aside?

The Bottom Line: The first unit of McDonald’s opened to long lines in its first two days. The concept proves that the company can get attention. And it’s willing to take some chances.

The Bottom Line: While noting that humans will continue to drive restaurants, the McDonald’s CEO notes that the calculus on automation gets closer as labor costs soar.

The burger giant plans to rapidly speed its unit growth in the coming years while it uses Google Cloud technology to connect restaurants and improve operations.

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