McDonald's sales soar, thanks to Grimace

The burger giant’s same-store sales rose 10.3% in the second quarter as digital and marketing continued to drive demand.


McDonald's, eager to open more restaurants, plans a new concept called CosMc

The burger giant plans to open the new, smaller-format concept in select markets as it looked for alternative strategies to bolster its growth.

A group of operators argued in comments with federal regulators that the franchisor’s changes cost them important profitability and drive up their prices. To the company, the changes are necessary to evolve the brand.

The burger giant, which has been a marketing force in recent years, reached “billions” with the promotion, thanks to a “genius” viral social media trend that took the company by surprise.

The burger giant said it is removing its Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Roll from its menu less than three years after their introduction.

The Bottom Line: A bill making its way to the governor’s desk would go further than proposed federal joint employer rules in making franchisors liable for their franchisees’ workers. And this one just targets fast-food chains.

An independent group of the chain’s operators blasted a proposed rule in that state that would make fast-food franchisors liable for franchisees’ employment law violations after a union-backed group hinted their attorney favors them.

The Bottom Line: Chipotle’s corporate layoffs follow actions by McDonald’s and Wendy’s, though the companies insist it’s not all about any looming recession.

The burger giant has found a winning formula by tapping into customers’ love of its brands. And so the big purple blob character will be the centerpiece of its marketing starting next week.

Early reports suggest the burger chain’s test of the sale of the doughnuts has been going well. But Krispy Kreme doesn’t have the capacity to serve the entire brand.

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