McDonald’s operators consider a franchisee association

Operators are meeting to discuss a potential independent group, which would be a first for the chain.


Bernie Sanders wants McDonald’s to pay $15 an hour

The Vermont senator and former presidential candidate told the company in a letter that it needs to raise wages.

The company removed artificial flavors, preservatives and colors from its classic burger lineup.

The company is also reshuffling its business organization to oversee a more franchised business.

Here are four creative ways brands are looking to drive traffic (and boost goodwill) as the weather cools.

Overseer of the state's pension fund, a major shareholder, says the burger chain isn’t following rivals’ lead on chicken treatment.

The Fight for $15 group gathered in 10 cities, and is now offering free legal counsel to workers willing to report sexual harassment on the job.

An analyst suggests that keeping restaurants offline while they add kiosks is hurting same-store sales, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Here’s a look at the most tempting limited-time offers in August.

The revision would greatly narrow the instances where restaurant employers could be held responsible for the employment practices of their franchisees.