$15 minimum wage is already a presidential campaign issue

Sen. Bernie Sanders said he’ll introduce a bill in the Senate this week to institute the so-called living wage on a national basis. It has little chance of passing but could be a test that requires expected candidates for the top office to come out for or against it.


Explaining McDonald’s franchise dispute, and why it’s important

Culture shock and finances have led to the current uprising, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The company is reviewing its local media agency less than two years after consolidating its agencies under a single firm.

The company will start selling Big Macs, Quarter Pounders and fries with bacon later this month.

The chain’s franchise association is telling operators to hold off on projects not "in the works," pending negotiations.

“Cash-strapped” franchisees say a lot is happening at once, without much return.

Recent eruptions suggest customers are losing perspective when a restaurant visit doesn’t go perfectly. But decide for yourself from these noteworthy examples.

But doughnuts will remain in the promotional spotlight, along with a new coffee drink and sandwiches.

The company is reportedly planning new Donut Sticks later this year in a bid to get back its breakfast steam.

Just years after company added breakfast all day, a new demand has emerged, but complexity is the chain’s biggest problem, says RB’s The Bottom Line.