McDonald's is buying its operator in Israel

The fast-food restaurant giant has an agreement to buy Alonyal Limited, the country’s franchise owner. The market has struggled since the outbreak of the Middle East conflict.


McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski got a raise last year

But the fast-food chain’s chief executive, who was recently given the chairman title, still makes less than he did two years ago.

While the focus on restaurant menu price inflation has centered on premium items like the Big Mac, it’s in the smaller items, with fewer deals available, where prices have increased most.

The Bottom Line: Krispy Kreme gets a massive win with its McDonald's doughnut deal. But the payoff is less certain, and a long way off, for the fast-food restaurant chain.

The fast-food giant said it plans a phased rollout of Krispy Kreme doughnuts at its restaurants across the country by the end of 2026.

The fast-food chain is combining the CEO and chairman roles for the first time in 20 years as longtime director and Chairman Enrique Hernandez steps down.

Fast-food price increases have made price points between the two brands closer than ever. But there is a better comparison for the casual-dining restaurant chain.

Restaurants in Japan, the U.K. and Australia were among those hit with an IT outage. The company says the issue is now being resolved.

The fast-food giant says it plans to test larger burgers in a couple of global markets to find an option that could work around the world.

Marketing Bites: The burger giant becomes WcDonald’s on Monday, with a limited-time spicy WcNugget sauce. Plus, Zoup! has a new name but the exclamation point isn’t going away.

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