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To truly understand a country’s culture, one need not look much further than the foods people eat and the manner in which they are prepared, served and consumed. As with other countries around the world, food in India is more than just sustenance—it carries a far deeper meaning. Food is also instrumental to rituals and traditions, religious beliefs and the bringing together of the family unit.

Globalization has had a huge effect on our culinary world. A visible example of this trend is the exploding popularity of sushi. It started out in high-end Japanese restaurants but has since made its way into moderately priced casual eateries as well as take-out establishments and the refrigerated section of supermarkets. Now is a good time to step back and learn more about the sushi phenomenon.

Can restaurant workers perform like magicians? Well, they should at least think like them, argues Kostya Kimlat, magician and owner of Restaurant Magic Business, which places performing magicians in restaurants and consults restaurants on improving customer service. Clients include Orlando-based restaurants and chains like Del Frisco’s and the Melting Pot.

Dan Stone will serve in a business development/personnel development hybrid.

The made-up holiday offers an opportunity to serve the Thanksgiving crowd before their traditional turkey dinner. Here's how seven restaurant operations are capitalizing on the opportunity.

An upscale-casual chain offering multicourse fondue meals

Although most operators order cheese by name, there are specific categories that the dairy industry uses to describe cheeses for foodservice buyers.

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