Noodles & Company


Noodles & Co. stock surges on positive sales

The fast-casual chain said its same-store sales have turned positive after years of weakness.

For those who fail to tend to their own health as carefully as they tend to their business, the scenario can be a dangerous one.

The chain is closing 55 stores and tapping new capital for store-level initiatives.

Turning an interesting startup into a major industry player takes a lot of vision, leadership and a taste for the risky. This year, Kevin Reddy made it all look easy.

Cheesecake Factory says it has a second fast-casual venture in the works, Dunkin' convenes a workforce Woodstock, Noodles clears the table and McDonald's touts its merits as a first job.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (September 20, 2010)—Nicholas & Company was awarded "Distribution Center of the Year" fromNoodles & Company at their Annual Convention...

The limited-service Asian/Noodle category is small, at less than $4.6 billion, but fast-growing.

DENVER (February 12, 2013 - Business Wire)—Mile Hi Specialty Foods announced it has been named "Distribution Center of the Year for 2012" by Noodles &...

Bad times bring bold moves, as restaurants demonstrated this week with previews of just how far they're willing to go for a business advantage.

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