Outback Steakhouse


Dave George is tapped for another operations-led revival, this time of Outback's parent

The former Darden Restaurants operations specialist will serve on Bloomin' Brands board and lead an "Operating Committee" to revive the casual-dining giant.


Outback Steakhouse innovates the menu by giving equal play to food and drink

Becky Boyd, Director of Menu Innovation & Strategy for parent company Bloomin’ Brands, talks about how she and her team are firing up R&D activity.

The holiday lineup is all about indulgence on the food side, but beverage innovation shares equal status with culinary when it comes to menu promotions.

The chain saw a marked slowdown after Labor Day and is planning to ease up on price increases to give consumers a break.

The Bottom Line: Those hoping for a detailed deck similar to the activist investor’s famous presentation on Darden likely came away wanting.

The activist investor wants to improve operations at Outback Steakhouse, put the fun back into its marketing and highlight its growing Brazil business.

The operations specialist will help Starboard’s push to shake things up at Bloomin’.

Chairman Jim Craigie will be replaced by fellow member R. Michael Mohan, and Rohit Lal, CIO of trucking company Saia, is joining the board.

Restaurant Rewind: There could be a preview in the pressure Starboard put on Bloomin' arch-rival Darden Restaurants nine years ago.

The Bottom Line: The activist investor, who shook up Darden and helped get Papa Johns back on its feet, may be just what the doctor ordered for one of the most overlooked restaurant companies on Wall Street.

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