Red Robin


There's plenty happening at the high end of the pricing barbell, too

Reality Check: Decadent meal choices are also proliferating, for a lot more than $5.


Red Robin says its turnaround efforts are working

Better operations and food are helping the burger chain win back guests. Now it’s focusing on marketing, including a new loyalty program.

It’s the third such deal over the past year for the chain, which will use the proceeds to pay down debt.

The chain has earmarked $3 million to remind customers of the more than 30 bottomless options on its menu.

The NRA Educational Foundation has also announced its leaders for the coming year.

The move will help offset some of the $8 million per quarter the chain is spending on better food and staffing.

Price-conscious guests and the loss of MrBeast Burger took a bite out of delivery sales. But the chain is more focused on the dining room, anyway.

The chain is turning its focus inward as part of a turnaround effort, said CEO GJ Hart. It's one of MrBeast Burger's largest fulfillment partners.

The chain is completely overhauling its signature item in an effort to make good on the “Gourmet” in its name.

The chain will use the proceeds to repay debt, fund capital projects and buy back stock. It hopes to do the same with other restaurants.

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