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Subway’s latest restaurant format is a fridge

The chain will use the high-tech vending machines to sell more sandwiches in places like airports and college campuses.


Subway’s next menu upgrade: Pickles

A thicker, crisper, juicier pickle is now available to layer on any Subway sandwich. The chain is tying the launch into a pickleball sweepstakes.

The sandwich giant says its restaurants’ same-store sales rose 8.4% in the third quarter, with September particularly strong.

The Bottom Line: The sandwich chain quietly eliminated its chicken breast from the menu. Operators weren’t exactly disappointed with the decision.

The chain’s Souped Up Weekends promotion throughout October gives customers a buck off the menu additions.

The sandwich giant offered 10,000 people the chance to get 50% off their footlong subs throughout September for $15. It sold out in six hours.

The technology company said it has known since the beginning of the year that Subway could leave, taking 15,000 locations and “a few million dollars” in revenue with it.

The sandwich giant will add automatic slicers to its restaurants over the coming year to lower food costs and improve freshness.

A Deeper Dive: Pat Cobe, senior menu editor for Restaurant Business, joins this week’s podcast to discuss the new “Subway Series” menu change and whether it will generate sales.

Restaurant Rewind: Whew—we're not seeing another Herb The Nerd or a Soviet Fashion Show.

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