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A look into Subway’s new menu, and whether it will further the brand’s turnaround

A Deeper Dive: Pat Cobe, senior menu editor for Restaurant Business, joins this week’s podcast to discuss the new “Subway Series” menu change and whether it will generate sales.


Subway veers from the trend of following a blockbuster ad campaign with a dud

Restaurant Rewind: Whew—we're not seeing another Herb The Nerd or a Soviet Fashion Show.

The Bottom Line: The sandwich giant perfected the idea of the assembly line and its fully customizable menu. But its new “Subway Series” demonstrates that it has some pitfalls in the modern restaurant.

The 12 chef-created sandwiches in the chain’s Subway Series highlight complementary flavors and premium ingredients.

The sandwich giant, eager to overcome years of declines and rebuild volumes, is de-emphasizing customized subs with 12 new sandwiches customers order by number.

The new Subway Series highlights 12 chef-created sandwiches built with premium ingredients the company already had in its pantry.

The Bottom Line: Its share of the market for limited-service sandwiches continued to decline last year. Here’s a look at who is taking that business.

A Deeper Dive: Trevor Haynes, the chain’s president of North America, joins the podcast to discuss strategies to increase unit volumes and how many restaurants need to close.

The sandwich giant, looking to reinvigorate growth, has been testing vending machines as part of a broader “grab and go” strategy to use existing locations as bases for sales in multiple spots.

The sandwich giant has refreshed its catering program, hoping to take advantage of companies returning to offices.

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