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Subway’s tuna sandwich ‘mystery’ emerges again

The sandwich giant’s tuna is most certainly tuna. That hasn’t kept the issue from popping back up to hammer the brand, says RB’s The Bottom Line.


Subway’s royalty fees place it among the country’s most expensive franchises

The franchise’s ongoing charges are higher than all but one other system, backing some operators who want them lowered. The company argues it has many other strengths that make it a better option.

Founder Fred DeLuca didn't do enough to ensure his successor had the authority necessary to make changes the brand needed, says RB's The Bottom Line.

The sandwich giant has quietly bought out a third of its development agents, a major shift in strategy that is changing how it does business, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

While operators push back against several new initiatives, many say the chain’s current problems date back years and include a variety of issues, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The dispute is the latest one between a franchisor and its operators over hours requirements as restaurants struggle to maintain staff.

McDonald’s, Subway and 7-Eleven, three of the biggest franchises in the world, are facing major disputes with their operators. RB's The Bottom Line takes a look at all three.

The chain is giving operators whose agreements come up for renewal a choice: Accept new terms more favorable to the company or pay a 10% royalty rate.

Many of the sandwich chain’s operators are simply waiting for their leases to end so they can walk away, some operators say. RB’s The Bottom Line examines why.

A group of operators is asking the company’s shareholders to cut its franchise fees to 4.5% from 8%. Its royalties are higher than other sandwich chains.

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