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Texas Roadhouse


Texas Roadhouse says customers are getting back to normal

The chain’s traffic fell slightly in the second quarter, which executives said is typical for summer. The decline came entirely on the to-go side of the business.


Texas Roadhouse sales rise thanks to dine-in resurgence

On-premise visits have returned to 2019 levels, and executives believe there’s room for more.

People have flocked back to steak chains over the past year, according to Placer.ai. And the category leader stands apart from the herd.

Roadhouse Pay allows guests to close out at their own pace using a tablet. The chain said it has improved the dining experience and boosted tips.

The stores in Georgia and South Carolina were owned by longtime operator Texas Roadhouse Management.

The chain is focusing on building traffic and staff while doing its best to manage rising costs.

The book, published six months after his death, abounds in anecdotes that illustrate the chain leader's singular style. Here's a sampling.

Kent Taylor’s hand-picked successor says he won’t tinker too much with the late founder’s brainchild, but at least one modern innovation could be in the works.

The longtime company employee had been in the position for three years. The retirement is effective “immediately.”

The chain raised menu prices 4.2% as commodity inflation hit 14% in the third quarter, driven largely by beef.

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