TGI Fridays promotes Brandon Coleman to CEO

The recently hired president and CMO will lead a new chapter at the chain after Ray Blanchette stepped down in May.


From Grimace shakes to Spongmonkeys, restaurant marketing reimagines the past

As restaurant chains lean into nostalgia marketing, they’re tasked with making sure old concepts seem fresh and new.

The chain has been hit hard by changing trade areas and, more recently, soaring inflation. It believes the "pruning" will help its 91 remaining stores.

After a successful return to the airwaves earlier this year, the chain plans to invest up to $60 million in more commercials.

Maui restaurateurs are still evaluating the damage caused by a raging fire that killed at least 106, but now the focus is on helping the "ohana," or family, of industry workers as they start on the road to recovery.

An entrepreneur who said he relied on Jose Cuervo for his design ideas, the lifetime Austin restaurateur also opened several independents in his hometown.

He had been with the chain for 20 years. No reason was given for his departure, and a replacement was not named.

The chain said it will finish 2023 with 25 to 35 fewer U.S. locations after identifying more underperforming stores.

The Dine Brands concepts said guests are gravitating toward discounts and opting for pickup over delivery as prices continue to rise.

Prices were up 10.5% in the second quarter, with additional hikes to come. The chain believes its customers can handle it.

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