Hooters closes some struggling restaurants, citing a difficult market

The sports bar chain abruptly shut its doors in parts of Texas, Florida, Kentucky and Virginia. A local media outlet put the total number of closures at 40.


Lower-income consumers remain a problem for Olive Garden

The Italian restaurant chain said it’s keeping prices low and doing more to promote value, including its bottomless breadsticks. But it refuses to jump on the discounting bandwagon to drive traffic.

A lawsuit alleges that the seafood chain did not give staff enough notice before closing nearly 100 restaurants last month.

Stock in the food-and-games chain, which also owns Main Event, plunged early Thursday following a weak sales report.

The industry's preoccupation with price is forcing brands to change tactics in marketing and on the menu, even if they refuse to discount.

Visits jumped by as much as 74% on days the promotion ran last month, according to data from

A Deeper Dive: This week’s episode of the Restaurant Business podcast features Victor Fernandez, VP of insights and knowledge for GuestXM, to talk about full-service restaurants.

The bar and grill chain said its hotel outlets do better than traditional stores and are more cost-effective to develop.

A familiar Italian chain kept the top spot, but there was movement below in a tough year for full-service restaurants.

Price-conscious consumers began to shift away from sit-down restaurants in 2023 after embracing them a year earlier. That made growth difficult to come by.

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