Biden administration kills the non-compete agreement

The FTC voted Tuesday to ban contractual limits on where a departing employee can work next, a move it says will foster startups and innovation.


Restaurants are already bracing for a wave of wage-related ballot measures in November

Working Lunch: The trend promises to cost employers plenty of money and sweat if they hope to prevail.

ExpandShare is designed to simplify and digitize restaurant employee training with readymade modules and a mobile app.

In another example of state-level efforts to limit workplace obligations, the state is looking to prohibit local jurisdictions from requiring heat protections and predictive scheduling.

The daytime dining chain has added backup child and elderly care as an employee benefit. Workers pay as little as $10 a day for the service.

The addition matches the job creation figure for February, but marks a turnaround from the decreased employment registered in January, according to government data.

Attendees of this year’s Women’s Foodservice Forum Leadership Conference heralded the advances (and made the business case) for moving women into leadership roles. But there’s still work to do.

Reality Check: The union behind California's $20 fast-food wage is now pushing Waffle House for a $25 pay floor and a change in its employee meal policies. But all restaurant employers should be concerned.

Two women allege the company knowingly hired a registered sex offender, who harassed them when they were 17-year-old high school students.

The coffee chain wants the nation's highest court to decide if employees were truly dismissed because of their union activities.

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