Restaurants lodge court challenge of predictive scheduling

A coalition is making a stand in New York, arguing that New York City’s version of advance scheduling requirements are illegal.


Cross-training staff eases the labor crunch

Employees with dual roles can help address the shortage of skilled workers.

But the slight deceleration won’t be enough to knock retention off the top of most operators’ worry lists, says People Report.

The chicken chain is testing voice-activated technology, social media and QR codes to improve training and the work environment.

But the industry’s rate of hiring has slowed in recent months.

In a tight labor market, the gig economy is adding a new wrinkle to the industry’s labor challenges.

The annual Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix provided confirmation for some things we already knew and perhaps a few we didn’t—like the inevitability of alcohol delivery.

The KFC Foundation is making its MyChange personal finance program available to the chain’s employees.

The industry added no jobs amid a tight labor market and weak sales.

A labor-backed group says the company isn’t paying $1 above local minimums, something it promised in 2015.