Just Salad is rewarding reuse with its latest earth-friendly promotion

The salad chain is offering a discount on in-store orders when customers opt for a reusable bowl.

Consumer Trends

Climate impact labels could affect fast food choices, study finds

Adding climate labels to a menu reduced participants’ selection of red meat-containing items.

Regen Fries, from McCain Foods, are made with potatoes grown using techniques designed to build soil health and improve biodiversity.

Rising costs and demands for greener operations has more companies looking at cutting out waste. And there are more potential solutions than ever.

Packaging, both safe and eco-friendly, has been a top sustainability initiative this year, and with the rise in popularity in takeout and delivery, it’s important for operators to seek out quality packaging to ensure the food they’re offering gets to diners in good condition.

Landmark legislation enacted last week puts a tax on manufacturers, with an expectation that they will pass along the charge.

Working Lunch: In some instances, public companies would also have to specify the contributions of suppliers and customers.

More jurisdictions are prohibiting restaurants from using non-compostable or reusable packaging and utensils.

Reality Check: New environmental rules are coming in a flurry. Is the industry ready?

The nation's largest private-equity firm has alerted restaurant operators and the other companies in its portfolio that it will heavily weigh social commitment in allocating capital.

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