An activist investor apparently sets its sights on Shake Shack

The Bottom Line: Engaged Capital, the same activist that took on Del Frisco’s and Jamba, is now targeting the fast-casual burger chain. But what would it do differently?


Will Panda Express be the first $10B 'mom-and-pop'?

Still run by its founders after 40 years, the fast-casual chain dominates its category and sees plenty of runway ahead.

The hot dog chain said it is considering restaurants in airports and overseas after finding surprisingly strong demand in new markets.

Pickup-only drive-thrus are faster, but Velvet Taco found it was losing guests who wanted to order from their cars. The chain has redesigned its drive-thrus to accommodate different types of users.

Shawn Lederman filed a lawsuit against the chains’ former owner, NRD Capital, arguing he is owed $1 million from the sale of the taco chain.

A Deeper Dive: Carl Bachmann, the brand’s president, joins the podcast to discuss the company’s growth plans and its decision to shift to its mobile-order “virtual” drive-thrus.

The Chicago-based sandwich chain said its same-store sales and profitability will easily beat expectations this quarter.

The Bottom Line: The fast-casual chicken fingers chain believes it can become one of the country’s biggest restaurant concepts in a short period. It took some key steps this week to get there.

A Deeper Dive: The sandwich chain’s top executive joins the podcast to discuss his views of the brand and strategies for its upcoming expansion. And he talks about why Tim Hortons is so popular in Canada.

The two fast-casual rivals are facing off over a chicken burrito bowl, during the week of National Burrito Day.

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