Future of Food


8 menu trends from the future

A global conference last week in Europe provided a preview of where restaurant menus may be headed. Here are the eight currents that were anointed megatrends. You'll need to bring your own fork.


What the pandemic has done to how we eat

As restaurants shift their business models, food and how we experience it is changing too.

Companies are working to grow fish filets from cells. They just need U.S. regulatory agencies to approve their creations before restaurants can sell it.

Takeout and delivery demand has heightened the need for new and different types of containers.

After a year when in-car eating soared across all restaurant segments, automakers are taking mobile settings to new heights. Literally.

Suppliers and operators are moving past burgers and breakfast meats to grow along with the plant protein trend.

As the restaurant industry changes, the distributors that supply it face changes and a lot of complexities.

Extra-large spaces, high tech and low risk are assets for these mega-concepts in a post-COVID world.

Personalization will be key as demographic, cultural and behavioral shifts loom large.

Brian Frank, general partner with FTW Ventures, shares his expert insights.

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