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How Nimbus is succeeding where ghost kitchens failed

The shared-kitchen startup has limited its focus to providing kitchen space for a variety of food businesses, leaving the technology to others. The simplified approach has yielded profits and growth.

Emerging Brands

C3 CEO Sam Nazarian acquires Kitchen United's ghost kitchens

The properties will become part of a new digital restaurant company called Everybody Eats that will include C3 and Nextbite.

The joint company, BiteLabs, will span the Americas with its high-tech, multibrand fast casuals. Just don’t call it a ghost kitchen.

The unit in Quakertown, Pa., is the first of up to four such outlets for the delivery-focused food hall concept.

The pioneers who created commissary-style, shared kitchens for rent have closed, pivoted or shown signs of struggle. But elements live on in a variety of new delivery-forward concepts that some call ghost kitchens 2.0.

His portfolio company Craveworthy Brands is rolling out a new model to bring virtual brand revenue to its brick-and-mortar family of restaurants.

The diner chain also announced preliminary sales results for Q4, with comps rising 1.5% at franchised units and sliding 1.2% at corporate stores.

The unexpected move comes about a year after Kroger was part of a $100 million investment round in the ghost kitchen operator, which said it is shifting its focus to software.

The company plans to double its unit count by the end of next year and also has an acquisition up its sleeve.

Tech Check: The catch-all term for delivery restaurants is no longer accurate. Let’s lay it to rest and come up with a new label.

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