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Kitchen United shuts down its Kroger food halls

The unexpected move comes about a year after Kroger was part of a $100 million investment round in the ghost kitchen operator, which said it is shifting its focus to software.


Salted raises $14M to expand Moonbowls, other delivery brands

The company plans to double its unit count by the end of next year and also has an acquisition up its sleeve.

Tech Check: The catch-all term for delivery restaurants is no longer accurate. Let’s lay it to rest and come up with a new label.

Atul Sood sees a lot of opportunity in the company's partnerships with Kroger and Circle K, but not so much in its stand-alone ghost kitchens. “You’ll probably see less of those,” he said.

Tech Check: As the ghost kitchen company expanded, it treated operators as expendable. It's now reportedly cutting staff and closing locations. The two problems are related.

The brands will also make their debuts in France, Belgium and the Netherlands through a partnership with Franklin Junction, which matches brands with “host kitchens” that sell their food for delivery only.

The San Francisco startup focuses on families, pickup and local brands. It has 12 units and plans to double in size over the next year and a half.

Valentina Ellison is charged with putting Earl brands in airports, sports centers and shopping malls.

Tech Check: Fewer operators foresee delivery-only concepts growing in 2023. It's looking like a smart bet.

Epic Kitchens was part of a wave of operators reimagining delivery-only restaurants. But less than two years after opening, its two virtual food halls are closed.

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