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Reef closes some NYC kitchens as city says it violated health and safety rules

But the ghost kitchen operator denied any violations and says it was moving its operations to brick-and-mortar outlets after permits expired.


Former Kitchen United CEO Jim Collins named president of Perfect Co.

Collins will lead operations, marketing and investor relations at the restaurant software company.

Nearly half of the delivery-only outposts will be in international markets.

The ghost kitchen company will use Zuul's technology and network to gain a foothold in the Big Apple.

The chain realized the delivery-only location would be a great place for an actual restaurant. Also, Bennigan’s teams up with Reef, the “Cake Boss” gets a virtual brand and more.

The company, which operates satellite kitchens for emerging brands in San Francisco and Chicago, said it plans to expand to Texas and Southern California.

It's the latest major growth push for the pizza chain, which is also planning to launch thousands of robotic pizza kiosks.

Reef Kitchens expects to expand by a factor of 10 this year, using a unique real estate strategy to its advantage.

The fast casual will use the new outlet to test the San Jose market. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in this briefing on several weeks’ worth of tech news.

Day One of the FSTEC technology conference served up a slew of jaw-droppers about current industry issues, from labor to supply chain to virtual concepts and ghost kitchens.

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