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Ghost Financial wants to help build a ghost kitchen utopia

Despite considerable hurdles, the fintech startup believes Americans will be getting most of their meals from ghost kitchens by 2027.


For many small restaurants, ghost kitchens fail to deliver

Independent operators have struggled to make the model work, citing marketing challenges and the high cost of delivery.

Independent operators say the delivery-only business is more difficult than it’s cracked up to be. Their challenges have led providers to rethink their strategy.

The company has not paid for months’ worth of work done on its delivery-only food trailers, JLL alleged.

BBQ Holdings will grow the chain’s footprint from 18 locations to 55 using ghost kitchens.

The technology company is shrinking to focus more on profitability, with an emphasis on ghost kitchens and parking, its CEO wrote in a letter to employees.

The company's latest multi-restaurant delivery hub is a new take on the format.

The ghost kitchen operator is pursuing a bigger stake in the pizza concept. The pair have plans to open 500 units together.

The delivery-only outlet in Hollywood marked uncharted territory for the 53-year-old brand, but it's well on its way to opening more.

Ghost Financial is offering loans and credit cards for ghost kitchen operators, raising questions about the sector’s financial stability. Also, a hiring app raises $7 million, DoorDash courts college students and more.

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