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More restaurants could face union activity

Working Lunch: The podcast includes a discussion on potential help for the industry from Congress and the Administration and growing unionization efforts. Jack in the Box could be pulled into the fray.


Starbucks says union 'agents' are harassing non-supportive guests and employees

The chain has asked federal labor regulators to halt the intimidation as relations between Starbucks and the union continue to sour.

Sticking to its political policies has put the entertainment giant at odds with Gov. DeSantis. Was the turmoil worth it?

Regulators say the chain appears to have violated federal rules when it fired seven pro-union baristas in Tennessee.

Health officials say the precaution is now unnecessary because of a sharp and unexpected drop in hospitalizations.

More jurisdictions are prohibiting restaurants from using non-compostable or reusable packaging and utensils.

The entertainment giant is losing the 55-year-old privilege of functioning as the government of its holdings in the middle part of the state.

Working Lunch: All that's needed would be a majority of employees signing a document, a process known as card check.

Working Lunch: Joe Kefauver and Franklin Coley from Align Public Strategies discuss the giants’ union issues. They also talk EEOC and a candidate for Massachusetts AG.

A Chick-fil-A in Santa Barbara is in danger of being declared a public nuisance because of backups. But that is not the only such conflict. Here’s what restaurants are doing to ease these problems.

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