Voters raise the minimum wages of Mo., Ark.

Initiatives legalizing pot use in Michigan and halting taxes on services in Arizona were also approved.


A restaurateur’s guide to the 2018 midterm elections

Several proposals on state and local ballots could profoundly impact restaurants. Here’s a rundown.

The last two weeks have brought a slew of new laws that affect the restaurant industry. Here’s a look, a sort of pre-Halloween scare.

The union-backed group is inviting workers across a number of industries to bolster the pressure by joining what it's calling a three-day "coast-to-coast uprising."

The decision could require restaurants to forego the tip credit for side work and untipped activities.

The revision would greatly narrow the instances where restaurant employers could be held responsible for the employment practices of their franchisees.

The federal agency says there’s no evidence to support the restaurant-opposed move.

The Justice Department says the investigation into the use of revenue-shaving software is ongoing.

The sweep targeted restaurants and other businesses in Nebraska, Minnesota and Nevada that allegedly conspired to place and exploit undocumented recruits.

Starbucks has vowed to cut unit-level administrative tasks in half, while Del Frisco’s is reducing its dependence on beef. And those aren’t the only ways restaurant operators are subtly improving their lot.