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SBA releases $83M in additional RRF aid

The assistance grants will be distributed to 169 operators who've already been notified of their funding.


Wish a restaurateur was running Congress? Here’s as close as you’ll come

One of Capitol Hill’s top officials was slicing meats and making salads before he went into politics. And the incoming speaker of the House says he hasn’t forgotten that formative experience.

Representatives are asking the federal agency to treat guest programs differently in its attempt to better safeguard consumers' privacy.

Restaurants may have to update their recording processes if they deal in certain products, including seafood and cheese.

Under a state program specifically for travel and hospitality businesses, establishments can qualify for grants of up to $20,000.

Operations in Mountain View can qualify for up to $300 in reusables and free technical advice on which ones to try in place of disposables.

The Saravanaa Bhava operators also have to apologize personally to 317 employees.

The SEIU has asked state officials to halt employers' drive for a referendum, saying they're cheating.

Working Lunch: Ranked choice voting is spreading quickly, and the result could be less polarization of the political process

The Biden administration has issued new recommendations for protecting workers as the nation heads into fall and winter.

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