FDA blasts Calif. plan to put cancer warnings on coffee cups

The federal agency says there’s no evidence to support the restaurant-opposed move.


5 Chicagoland restaurants charged in federal crackdown on underreporting sales

The Justice Department says the investigation into the use of revenue-shaving software is ongoing.

The sweep targeted restaurants and other businesses in Nebraska, Minnesota and Nevada that allegedly conspired to place and exploit undocumented recruits.

Starbucks has vowed to cut unit-level administrative tasks in half, while Del Frisco’s is reducing its dependence on beef. And those aren’t the only ways restaurant operators are subtly improving their lot.

A cattle rustling by one of Chick-fil-A's competitors was just one instance of operators pushing the traditional boundaries of the restaurant business this week.

New healthcare insurance options promise to bring down the cost of coverage for small businesses like restaurants, making a key employee benefit more affordable. Here, in layman’s terms, is what operators need to know about the new choices.

A judge rejected the proposed settlement that would have averted the need for courts to decide when restaurant franchisees and franchisors are joint employers.

Eight quick-service chains have been asked to provide information on their use of no-hiring agreements.

Under what are believed to be the most sweeping restrictions in the country, operators can no longer use plastic straws, drink picks or disposable utensils without risk of a $250 fine.

The Department of Labor will let restaurants pool their purchasing might to negotiate better rates.